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Easter: Too Good to Be True?

April 17, 2012

ImageEaster candy doesn’t seem to last very long at my house.  The Cadbury eggs are always the first to go—followed closely by the jelly beans.  Soon, they’re gone with nothing left but a discomfiting sense of guilt.

Guilt sometimes haunts our celebration of Jesus’ resurrection as well.  A vague sense of disbelief lingers—that this is just too good to be true.  Our “alleluias” ring with a faint pang of doubt.  We’re having our annual “Thomas moment.”

But that hint of doubt shouldn’t trouble us.  Jesus expected something like that from at least one of his disciples, and he expects something like that from us.  Jesus doesn’t reprimand Thomas for his doubt.  Instead, he exhorts Thomas to believe.  And Thomas does believe, proclaiming, “My Lord and my God!”

That’s why we call it faith.  We don’t need to touch, see or hold on to Jesus to know he’s real, we know it in our hearts.  We don’t have to witness Jesus rise from the tomb, we know he lives by his presence in our very being.

The risen Jesus’ encounter with Thomas is a story of hope and promise, not judgment and reprimand.  It stands as a pledge and a promise to us that we too will experience the grace of God in Jesus Christ.

“Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe.”

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